Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Croxley Rail Link environmental assessment

The environmental assessment for Croxley Rail link and its consultation feedback will be available on the official scheme website on November 14th.


Monday, 7 November 2011

if teh problem at Wembley wa sin the station itself

Wembley Central station was first constructed in its present format for the 1924/5 empire exhibition. However it may be in need for replacement as there their are also other electricity power formats as well (staion heating and lighting) within a confined and subdivided (by pair of tracks) platforms.

As such the heat from that and lineisde power lines and cables makes vegetation grow more regulary than elsewhere and risks lineside fires unless regulary pruned. Thats another explanation of circumstances surrounding train disruptions in the area.

All enquiries with expertise or were there should be sent to teh rail regulator and operating companies.

Apologies if I got the interim rolling stock wrong

If as a temporary measure slow line Euston Watford Junction had adapted ex Subsurface (ie main line gague and carriage size) trains, there would be three options:

A stock: On Met and formerly East London line, problem with that is that its body is multi piece and riveted which could react with arcing overhead current on its roof if not regulary checked there.

C Stock: In four car format could work but multi door (four sets, largest number for metros in the UK at present) so could be cold on the outer London bits beyond Hatch End / Harrow and Wealdstone

D stock: Most like Class 378s so could be cascaded to Southern region if adapted for 3 rail dc current or kept on Hatch End- South Hampstead / Euston services. Trouble is that its current shoes that pick up under floor rail line power have historically arced and this could react with overhead power lines.

Hence though it would be difficult to budget for, more dual voltage 378s in four car format would be the most realistic option from operational considerations if the Dc lines were ever to be overhead electrified in part.

However Croxley Rail Link requires 4 rail ac tracks from Bushey Station Dc lines to Watford Junction for the new Metropolitan Line S Stock.

As such since Bombardier also built that further S stock could be built in dual voltage 4 Rail and overhead format (with option for 3 rail running as well if possible). That way Some 4 car S stock format could run from Watford Junction to Harrow and Wealdstone or Wembley Central to connect with the Bakerloo and if there is additional match day demand during any future World Cup bid.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wembley power disruption

Personal opinion of James Ware

As wembley central power lines are being restored, virgin trains and some London Midland services this morning were experiencing 50 minute delays into Euston, with other LM services terminating at Watford Junction from the North.

The best solution to this is perhaps getting more dual voltage Class 378 units for London Overground and ensuring thet services North of Stonebridge Park are LO only on overhead lines as far as Bushey to allow for emergency cross over of London Midland stock to allow a more reliable service. Where 3 rail undercarriage electric services combined with neighbouring or same track overhead power supply has proved difficult to sustain long term reliability if its been tried.

As such the best option is For the Bakerloo Line to become a Stonebridge Park - South London (extended tube) and in teh meantime the 3 rail dc trains to run on more Overground services on the East London and South London (including teh Balham Loop services)

Should keep Bombardier open too.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Croxley Rail Link bid at Dft

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bid for Croxley Rail link at Dft
Croxley Rail Link Best and Final Funding Bid Submitted to Department for TransportFriday, September 09, 2011

Hertfordshire County Council, with support from London Underground and Network Rail, have submitted to the Department for Transport a Best and Final Bid (BAFB) marking the next stage in the funding process.The BAFB follows the successful Expression of Interest, submitted to the DfT in January 2011 which moved Croxley Rail Link into the development pool of projects competing for funding. An interim submission was issued in June 2011 as a precursor to the BAFB.Click here to view these documents.

It is expected that a decision will be made by the DfT in December 2011 whether to fund Croxley Rail Link.In the meantime the project is continuing to develop the Transport and Works Act Order application which will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport to gain the powers necessary to construct and operate the rail link.

A further information release is planned in the next few months to provide more details on the scheme.The Department for Transport (DfT) welcome comments from external parties on the bids that they have received.The comment period will run from 9th September to October 14th and will be open to anyone who wishes to submit a relevant comment on the proposals.

A dedicated email address has been established for comments:development.pool@dft.gsi.gov.uk(This email should only be used to provide comments on the BAFB to the DfT, please continue to use info@croxleyraillink.com should you wish to get in contact with the project team directly.)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

excerpt from the consultation brochure

As part of the ongoing Croxley rail link consultation leading to Transport and works act submission the following alternative options have been assessed:

Retention of existing Watford terminus and running a split service to Watford Junction.

Reopening the Croxley Green Branch Line and not connecting to the Metropolitan Line

Conversion of the Croxley Green Branch Line to a segregated bus way

Improvements to the existing local bus network
Connecting the rail link to the St Albans Abbey Line and Amersham branch if the Metropolitan Line

Construction of a watford relief road

Tunnelling under Cassionury Park

The preferred scheme continues to offer the greatest benefits whilst remaining financially and operationally viable

Saturday, 28 May 2011

www.croxleyraillink.com for details of the railway consultation process prior to Transport and Works Act